Annual Walk for War Survivors

WSI held its first annual “Walk for War Survivors” September 17, 2017 in Long Beach, CA. This was a great inaugural event to support Path to Health© seminars for military Veteran war survivors.

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Annual Walk 2019 Flyer

Enhancing Screening for Mental Health with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) – 2017-2018

WSI is honored to work with the IOM to bring enhanced mental health screening and services to refugees in Uganda who are preparing to make the journey to the U.S. This project improves mental health assessment and services in humanitarian settings, and improves survivors’ adaptation during resettlement in the U.S. Twenty-nine providers received pilot training about screening, and 24 providers and interpreters received on-site training in the process. Over 700 refugees were screened and over 3% were identified for further evaluation and services.

Click here to see the Executive Summary of this project.

Clothing for Refugee War Survivors (SWSI) – 2017

Students for War Survivors (SWSI) in Seattle organized a clothing drive to benefit refugee war survivors. An extra special thanks to Grumpy D’s Coffee House, Sip and Ship, and Holy Grounds Coffeehouse for being a part of this drive. We are eternally grateful for the approximately 1,000 pounds of great clothing that benefitted persons of refugee origin served by the International Rescue Committee Seattle and the MAYE Center for Cambodian people in Long Beach, CA.

Helping Gardens Grow (SWSI) – 2018

Students for War Survivors (SWSI) in Seattle conducted a bake sale to support a community garden for refugee survivors administered by the International Rescue Committee, Renton, WA. Over $1,400 were raised to purchase a shed for the garden tools and a wheelbarrow. WSI President/CEO Michael Hollifield and Treasurer/CFO Valerie Wada joined SWSI national chairperson Cameron Clonch in August, 2018 in helping maintain the garden and prepare for delivery of the shed and wheelbarrow.

Healing Wounds: Connecting Military and Refugee War Survivors Through Music and Film – 2019 (In development)

Healing Wounds will be a program for the community along with military and ex-refugee war survivors of the U.S. – Vietnam conflict. Through viewing edited versions of A Lifetime of Arts: The Music of Le Van Khoa and In the Shadow of the Blade: A Movie by Patrick and Cheryl Frits followed by a panel discussion with the audience, this program celebrates the aspirational healing of war survivors.

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The Honoring Peshmerga Project – 2019-2020 (In development)

The Honoring Peshmerga Project (HPP) will begin a partnership between Kurdistan and WSI to help promote healing of these incredible war survivors. The partnership will work to develop and implement a culturally-informed Path to Health© program for Kurdish war survivors.