Active Projects

The Second Annual Walk for War Survivors

The Second Annual Walk for War Survivors benefits the War Survivors Institute (WSI), with all funds collected by WSI going toward WSI’s transformational healing seminars for Veteran war survivors. This walk is from the Colorado Lagoon Park (meet at the corner of Appian Way and Colorado Avenue) to the Veteran Pier on Belmont Shore by way of Mother’s Beach and the Long Beach Boardwalk, approximately 3 miles.
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The Honoring Peshmerga Project – 2017

The Honoring Peshmerga Project (HPP) will begin a partnership between Kurdistan and WSI to help promote healing of these incredible war survivors.  The partnership will work to first develop the program and then train personnel at a WSI – Kurdistan office to continue the HPP and work to develop a culturally-informed program for war survivors world-wide.

Enhancing Screening for Mental Disorders with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) 2017 – 2018

WSI is honored to work with IOM to bring enhanced screening protocols to refugees in Uganda who are preparing to make the journey to the U.S.  This pilot work will lay the groundwork to provide more accurate mental health assessment, more services in humanitarian settings, and improved adaptation during resettlement to new countries.

Valerie Wada during training for IOM staff in Kampala, Uganda

Children near camps in Uganda